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HBO Max Watch Party: Watch Together with Friends

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Are you still a big fan of the HBO Max channel and prone to watch movies and shows on it? Then, install the HBO Party or HBO Max Watch Party extension on your device. So you can again enjoy watching all your favorite movies, shows, series, short films, and documentaries on it. Installing the HBO Party or HBO Watch Party extension lets you organize your own HBO Max Watch Party at your home or wherever you want to. Apart from installation, the HBO Max Watch Party enables you to invite your friends, family, and other distant ones to your HBO Party to join you while streaming videos. 

Furthermore, you must try accessing its features while streaming, as they are truly exceptional and have the potential to add enhancement to your watch party. And these are Free & Global accessibility, Sync, HD quality, Group Chat, Controllability, and Profile Customization. Now, how does this HBO Max Watch Party extension work? Then, the downward information regarding watch party HBO max is meant for you that you need to follow and proceed manually. 

How to Create an HBO Max Watch Party?

To gather information regarding how to create an HBO Party, straight jump onto the below information that can help you the best. Therefore, the following steps are:  

1. HBO Party Extension Installation

First and foremost, click here to install the HBO Max Watch Party extension directly. In order to install the extension manually, either use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. Next, ensure to use devices such as macOS, Chromebook, and Windows PC/laptop for installation of the extension.  

2. Pin the Extension

Once you install the extension, carry onward by pinning it to your browser’s toolbar. And to make it happen, click on the “Extension” icon and click on the pin button beside the HBO Max Party extension. If you cannot find the extension, visit the top right corner of the browser to find it over there. 

3. HBO Max Sign In

Next, you need to sign in to your HBO Max account to proceed further. Remember, the necessity to own an HBO Max account and subscription is equally important for you and other watch Party members.  

4. Play the Video

Now, search, select and play the video that you would like to watch at your watch party with other Watch Party members. Ensure to pause the selected video after playing it for a few moments. 


5. Create an HBO Max Party

To create an HBO Max Party:

  1. Click on the “PLAY” button in the toolbar first.

  2. Open a “Create a Party” window, where you will see a “Start a Party” button.

  3. Remember, you need to click that “Start a Party” button to create an HBO party link.

To invite people worldwide, you need to share this HBO Watch Party link with them.    

6. Join the Party

Lastly, join the Watch Party HBO Max, and click on the HBO Party link shared by your friend or Host of the watch party. So it will redirect you to the HBO watch party, where you can begin to watch shows and movies with all the watch party buddies.     

Features of HBO Max Watch Party

To explore the functionality, specifications, and productivity of the HBO Party extension. It is best advised to follow the below user-friendly and accessible features: 

1. Global Access

Accessing the “Global Accessibility” feature lets you connect with people worldwide. So you can add and invite up to 100+ people to your HBO Watch Party. And start streaming unlimited movies and shows in HD picture quality.  

2. Group Chat

The “Group Chat” feature lets you enjoy conversation along with streaming videos at your HBO Watch Party. Moreover, in this feature, you can share emojis and text messages to leave any comment about a movie with other Watch Party members in the group chat.     

3. Customize your Profile

You can make changes to your watch party profiles using the profile customization feature. More precisely, it allows you to add funny, cute, and cool avatars from a wide range of profile icons. Plus, a funny and cool nickname as a username will appear at your watch party.   

4. Control over HBO Party

To own control over the HBO watch party, modify video settings, including fast-forward, pause, play, and rewind as per your choice. Enable the “Only I have control” button, and to release the control, disable the same “Only I have control” button. 

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