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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How do I use HBO Max Party

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HBO Party, or HBO Max Watch Party, is a famous and leading streaming platform. Besides, switching to this streaming platform lets you stream all your favorite movies and shows binge-free with up to 100 people. If you don’t know, installing the HBO max watch party extension is equally important to accelerate streaming with your brats online, even if they live in distant places. Moreover, to install the extension, ensure to use an appropriate web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

And when it comes to using devices, kindly choose Windows and macOS laptops/PCs. In case you face any difficulty due to location, switch to VPN to change your streaming location. Furthermore, all the HBO Party or HBO max watch party members need to own their individual HBO subscriptions to start streaming. Now, if you want to learn more about its features and the HBO Party extension installation process, stay tuned till the end. 

What are the Major Features of HBO Max Party?

Here, you have some user-friendly HBO Party or HBO max watch party features that you use while streaming. And to know what makes them exceptional, follow the downward information: 

1. Stream HBO in Perfect Sync

The HBO watch party extension enables streaming with your distant ones. It enables streaming movies in sync with many people from different locations.    

2. Chat While Streaming

Along with streaming together in perfect sync, watch party HBO max lets you and other members group chat with each other in real-time.

3. HD Quality

You and other watch party members can experience exceptional HD streaming by installing the HBO max watch party extension. And this shows the eligibility of the HBO party to handle HD content. 

4. Customize your Profile

By using the profile customization feature, you can add a variety of avatars and username options to customize your HBO Party profile. Remember, after customization, your profile icon and username become visible to other HBO Max watch party members.

5. Create and Join a Watch Party

In the create and join watch party feature, the HBO Party extension allows you to create or join the watch party. Moreover, using this feature, you stay connected with your HBO watch party members, even if they reside in distant places. 

6. Control the Play Settings

To completely control the HBO max watch party, click on the “Only I have control” button. Remember, doing so also creates or generates the HBO Party link.

How to do the HBO Max Party?

Before you jump onto the HBO Party extension installation process. It is important to use any of the web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. And to know the rest of the process, follow the below instructions:  

First: Download the Extension
In the first step, you need to install the HBO Party extension by Clicking here. Remember to use devices such as Chromebook, Windows, or macOS laptops/PCs. Also, ensure to use web browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

Second: Pin the Extension to the Toolbar
Once you are done, start pinning the HBO max watch party extension to the toolbar. And to do so, you need to visit the extension section and then pin it over there. 

Third: HBO Log in
In the third step, users need to login into their HBO account after owning their HBO subscription. Doing so is important to use the HBO watch party extension. 

Fourth: Search and Play
Next, you need to login into your HBO account once you have selected the shows or movies you want to stream with your closed ones.  

Fifth: Create a Watch Party
Further, playing the selected video would help if you created a watch party. And then, you need to click on the HBO Party extension, appearing beside the toolbar. Further, select the “Start the Party” option to create or generate the HBO max watch party URL.

Sixth: Join a Watch Party
Now end the process by joining the watch party by clicking on the HBO watch party URL shared with your friend or host. And doing so will take you to the HBO max watch party in order to join it.

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