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This Chrome Extension makes it Super Easy to Stream HBO with your Friends

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The time has come when HBO and Scener are officially partnered, as per the recent report. And their partnership can result in making remote streaming of shows and movies easier with friends via a Google Chrome extension. Hence, hosting an HBO Watch Party is now a challenge, once or unless you have a Scener. Moreover, this extension lets you add up to 20 users at once. So you can get together in private "theaters" where one person gets control of the content. 

However, it's important to note that all participants need to have the HBO Watch Party extension installed on their devices. And also, they must have their own HBO login to create an HBO Max Watch Party or step into it. Furthermore, remember Scener supports working on HBO Now, HBO Go, and Netflix. However, it doesn’t support working on HBO Max, to date, before you even start proceeding with creating watch Party HBO Max. Now, without delaying anymore, let’s have a look at the process to make Scener work with HBO.  

How to Make Scener work with HBO Max? 

It takes only a few steps to make Scener work with HBO Max Party and dig into the world of streaming entertainment. And these are: 

1. Before you start, you may find the performance of Scener outstanding initially while using it. Besides, you may also find the streaming quality similar to watching HBO Now in a web browser. However, overall it will give you an overall promising streaming experience.   

2. Being a user, you might face some unexpected troubleshooting in the initial use. Apart from it, begin by resetting Scener twice to resolve camera and microphone permissions issues. 

3. Afterward, you will be manually granted permission in Chrome settings. Also, you may find it challenging if you are a less tech-savvy user. A similar problem occurred with video and audio visibility. Still, it was easily resolved by leaving and rejoining the HBO Watch Party. 

4. Moreover, you will get the best video playback quality, along with a few minor quirks. In order to sync everyone's streams at your HBO Watch Party, Scener will ask you to hit play when the remote holder starts a video manually. 

5. If you don’t know, streaming at your HBO Max Watch Party in full is more complicated than usual. The fact is that it causes the chat sidebar to disappear.

6. But don’t worry; you can resolve this problem easily, whether you are a Mac or Windows user. Hence, if you are a Mac user, then you need to press control+up and drag the sidebar into the fullscreen video. But being a Windows user, you must press alt+tab and select the Scener window from the command center.

7. It proves to be the best way to watch shows and movies with friends after knowing about the work and functionality of Scener. And remember, HBO Watch Party also provides its users with video and audio chat features. By using these features, you can enjoy clear text chat functions along with streaming in HD quality. 

8. Creating an HBO Max Watch Party with an essence of Scener will provide you with an enjoyable group viewing experience. What you can better understand is similar to playing a fun board game. This requires a bit of effort to set up but is worthwhile once everyone is on board at HBO Party.

Some Unique Features of the HBO Watch Party

Enhance your Watch Party HBO Max experience with these amazing features:

1. Global Access: The HBO Max Watch Party extension allows you to share and stream videos globally, connecting with friends and family from anywhere. Suppose HBO Max is not available in your region. In that case, you can use a VPN service to activate your membership and download the extension.

2. Complete Control: As the host, you have full control over your watch party. Enable the "Only I Have Control" option, giving you authority over settings like pausing, playing, rewinding, forwarding, and resuming the video.

3. Real-Time Sync & HD Resolution: The HBO Watch Party Chrome extension ensures real-time synchronization of streaming videos among all users worldwide. Enjoy high-definition (HD) picture quality, providing a luxurious viewing experience during your watch party.

4. Live Group Chat: Engage in lively conversations with friends and family through the live "Group Chat" feature. Share comments, reviews, reactions, and replies in the chat box displayed on the side pane of the screen, enhancing the interactive aspect of your watch party.

5. Profile Customization: Stand out by customizing your profile. Choose attractive avatars from the available options as your profile icon, and select a cool and cute nickname as your username, adding a personal touch to your watch party.

6. Cost-Effective: Installing and accessing the HBO Watch Party Chrome extension is completely free of charge. Enjoy all the features without spending any money. Gather your loved ones worldwide and spend quality time together without worrying about costs.

With these features, your HBO Max Watch Party will be even more captivating and enjoyable, allowing you to connect with others, control the viewing experience, and engage in live conversations while watching your favorite shows and movies.

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